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If the JobLine Recording and Website Callout Page state there are no New or Open calls, then there are no New or Open calls. When we receive a request to hire from a contractor, it will be stated on the Call-in-JobLine Recording and Website that night for the following day. If you are interested in taking a referral out of our hall, you will need to keep up with the calls via the Call-in-JobLine recording or Website Callout page. Book I(local 1579 members) will have the opportunity to sign the DayBook for a New Call, when there is one, from 8-9am in person or by phone. Names are sorted and referrals are given out soon after. Any remaining calls stated will be available for Book II(travelers). The Book II DayBook will be available to sign by person or by phone from 2-3pm, when stated we have a New Call that went through our Book I. At 3pm we would sort the names on the DayBook by their position on Book II to determine who will receive the job. If there are Open Calls it will be stated on the JobLine and Website. Open calls are first come first serve and you must have your up to date dues receipt. This information and more are still available in the links above.

No New Calls for Thursday, March 4th

Open Calls

4 Fiber Techs - RCC (3 for dayshift / 1 for nightshift) (You must have FOA certification/These are not Journeymen Wiremen calls)


Book I-58

Book II- 165